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About Us

Phoenix Audiology

Phoenix Audiology started in March of 2020.  Born in the pandemic, this private audiology practice has been able to hone the truly important things to offer the Northern Ontario community.  These include having high quality audiology services close to the smaller communities in Northeastern Ontario, access to affordable and high quality hearing aids, easily accessible home visits and stress free repairs.  

Our main office sites are

 Walden Plaza in Lively

 Little Current


Our community hearing clinics are :  

Gore Bay


Our Locations

Our Team

Phoenix Audiology is made up of the greatest people! 

Sam Bruser is an audiologist who has worked in Northern Ontario for over 25 years.  He brings to his practice his sense of humour, his attention to detail and his honesty.  

Aswathi was born and raised in India and worked her entire career in the healthcare field.  She has been with the Bruser audiology team as Office Manager for more than 2 years.  She is the happiest when she has her family and a good book close to her.  

Camille is the new site developer.  She uses her 30 years of experience in community nursing to develop new services and modes of hearing care delivery.  She also happens to be Sam's partner and spouse. 

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